25 June 2016

Online hub

Twelve months is a long time between WLN meetings.  So, to ensure that we maintain contact in between the annual WLN Meetings, as well as during the Meeting itself, we have created an APEC WLN group on Facebook.

You do need a Facebook account to access this page.  Registration is simple … and free.  Go here:  http://www.facebook.com.

It's a closed (by invitation only) group in order to maintain some level of privacy for group members.   If you're interested to join the group, subscribe to this site and an invitation will be forwarded to you. 

See you all online soon!


Update 20 February 2010:  The WLN pages in LinkedIn and Facebook are dormant.  An online hub will soon be available in apecwomen.com.  Watch out for it this year!