27 June 2016

WLN Statement 2006

11th Women Leaders Network Meeting
Hanoi, Vietnam

28 – 29th September 2006

“Towards a Dynamic Community: Enhancing the Competitiveness of Women’s Business for Sustainable Development and Prosperity:

  • Women entrepreneurs and dynamic, effective and sustainable economic development; and
  • WLN in the second decade ~ where do we go from here: capacity building, finance and business network development"

To APEC Ministers responsible for M/SME, we propose 5 recommendations in order to promote Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy; a Favourable Legal Framework and Gender Analysis; and Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (M/SME):

  1. Implement the recommendations of the APEC Forum on Digital Economy for Women 2006, including the establishment of an APEC Advisory Committee on Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy.
  1. Explicitly include urban and rural women in each economy’s ICT master plan and develop a database and research on women’s contribution to the digital economy across the APEC region. This can be made available in a single portal, so that economies can collaborate and share their research, knowledge, technology and experience.
  1. Review existing investment, business and credit laws, regulations and practices to eliminate gender bias in their impact and enforcement, and strengthen their compliance by increasing M/SME awareness of such instruments. These instruments include e-business, e-payment, cross-border trading, intellectual property rights and access to debt and equity capital. 
  1. Encourage APEC economies to provide gender analysis training for their government trade officials and make gender analysis an ongoing part of trade policy development at both the economy and regional levels.
  1. Identify, fund and implement gender-responsive programs and policy models that will assist women-owned and/or women-led M/SME to expand their businesses and to build international trade links and networks through increased participation in global supply/value chains”.

To APEC Leaders, we proposed 6 Recommendations in Human Security, Women Leaders Network and the Future; and reaffirming APEC support for the Gender Focal Points’ Network

  1. Promote the economic empowerment of women and safeguard APEC prosperity through encouraging APEC enterprises to adopt and implement the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work, and provide related capacity building programs.
  1. Protect the rights of migrant workers, the majority of whom are women, and establish and implement effective legal protection for female and male migrant workers at both the economy and regional levels. 
  1. Acknowledge the important contribution of women to APEC and reaffirm APEC’s support for the role of WLN and the millions of women we represent in the region by according the WLN official observer status at relevant Ministerial Meetings and Working Groups (SME, Trade, ECSG, CTI, etc.), beginning with the APEC Ministerial Meeting on Trade in 2007. 
  1. Call for an annual WLN report to be formally presented to APEC Leaders.
  1. Support and fund the development of a database to increase access to sectoral gender expertise and training to enable capacity building and enhance business networking. 
  1. With strong support for the GFPN recommendation to convene the Third Ministerial Meeting on Women, WLN requests APEC Leaders to convene this meeting in 2008, with participation from diverse sectors such as industry, trade, finance, HRD and ICT. Subsequent meetings for Ministers responsible for women should be held every three years”.

 Download a copy of this document here.