2 July 2016

WLN Statement 1996

Manila, October 1996

We, as Women Senior Leaders from APEC Economies, came together in Manila on October 2 to 4, 1996 to launch the "Women Senior Leaders Network". We propose mechanisms for integrating gender as a cross-cutting concern in APEC toward achieving the APEC vision and goals and ensuring equitable development. The Network acknowledges the vital contribution of women in APEC economies and recognizes that investment in women’s human resources and their enterprises is sound economics. The Network affirms that the integration of a gender perspective in APEC will strengthen prospects for equitable economic growth, the reduction of poverty and the promotion of Sustainable Development in the Region.

We Wish to Build Upon:

  • The APEC spirit of cooperation expressed in the Seattle Vision, the Bogor Declaration of Common Resolve and the Osaka Action Agenda; the Sustainable Development Framework embodied in the Joint Ministerial Statement of July 1996; APEC Tenets of Sustained Growth and Equitable Development; the APEC Human Resource Development Framework; and the Promotion of Harmony between the Environment and the Economy.
  • The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the strategic initiatives of gender endorsed at other International Conferences and Summits.

To Integrate Gender Perspective in Its Work, We Propose that APEC:

  • Undertake Joint Policy Dialogues
  • Identify and Act upon Knowledge Gaps and Gender Themes for Joint Activities
  • Identify, Measure and Assess the Differential Impact of APEC’s Policies and Activities on Women and Men and Take Steps to Prevent and Ameliorate  Adverse Impacts
  • Promote Comparable Sex-Disaggregated Data Bases and Indicators
  • Identify and Share Best Practices that Demonstrate Successful Examples of Integrating Gender into Policies, Programs and Projects
  • Strengthen Current APEC Gender Initiatives and Open Future Opportunities within the Three Pillars of: Trade and Investment Liberalization, Trade and Investment Facilitation, and Economic and Technical Cooperation, beginning with themes identified at the Network Meeting namely, HRD, SME and 1ST

We Offer a Network that:

  • Is Dynamic and Flexible
  • Provides a Pool of Senior Experts from Diverse Sectors with the Capability to Undertake Gender Analysis
  • Is a Source of Participants and Partners for the APEC structures and processes
  • Offers a Source of Mentoring and Role Modeling
  • Serves as a Consultative Forum and Advisory Body
  • Acts as a Catalyst for Building Strategic Alliances and Business Matching, Facilitating Employment, and Promoting Access to Potential Venture Capital and Alternative Funding to Women-Led Businesses.

We Hereby Issue a Call to Action to APEC Leaders to:

  • Recognize and Integrate Gender as a Cross-Cutting Theme in APEC
  • Develop an APEC Partnership with the Network to Identify Mechanisms to Achieve this Objective
  • Recognize the Women Senior Leaders’ Network as a Flexible, Consultative Forum and a Strategic Partner toward the Achievement of the APEC Vision, Goals and Action Agenda.

We, in the Women Senior Leaders’ Network, congratulate the Philippines as current Chair of APEC for its creative leadership in hosting this historic inaugural Meeting of the Women Senior Leaders’ Network and in introducing the gender dimension ino the Action Program of APEC.  We urge Canada and Malaysia, as Chairs of the 1997 and 1998 APEC Leaders’ Meetings, to continue this momentum and enhance this commitment.

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